9 Pane Hobby House

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The 9 Pane Hobby House is a stylish garden shed with an opening nine pane Georgian window. It not only makes an attractive feature on the shed but also provides excellent natural light within the building, making it perfect for a whole range of hobbies and activities. This building has the benefits from having a full height door with our internal height approximately at 6ft, which allows plenty of head room.

Please note this building comes with no veranda, a veranda can be added as an optional extra.

All our Garden Sheds are pressure treated as standard to prolong the life of our timber, and come with a 10 year anti- rot guarantee.

We ensure all our buildings are made from tongued and grooved cladding including our floors & roofs for strength and durability, we DO NOT use cheap inferior OSB chipboard unlike some of our competitors.

Lap type information

Ship lapShiplap is a tongue and groove cladding, where a panel is created from planks of interlocking wood.
Log lapLoglap is again a tongue and groove cladding which has a slightly curved finish where the tongue meets the groove and is thicker than shiplap.
Over lapThe timber on overlap cladding is placed one on top of another so each of the boards overlap to create a panel.

For more information on cladding , click here to visit the cladding types page.

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