Garden Yoga Studio

Transform your outdoor space into the perfect haven for yoga practice with our timber yoga studios. Bask in a natural haven bathed in ample sunlight filtering through large windows, creating a serene atmosphere that seamlessly connects you with nature. Imagine the sounds of birdsong, the gentle rustle of leaves and the subtle fragrance of blooming flowers—all harmonising with your breath and movements. Our Garden yoga studios are the ideal space to connect with the earth between your feet as you practice your routine. Step into the secluded embrace of these structures, immersing yourself in a sanctuary that encourages self-reflection and holistic well-being, right in your very own garden.

These versatile spaces don’t just serve as home yoga studios; they’re your private retreat from daily distractions, perfect for practising mindfulness. Separate from your living space, you can disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and really embrace the essence of yoga.

Our Garden yoga studios are expertly insulated, providing comfort in various weather conditions. Whether it’s a cool morning or a warm afternoon, a well-insulated timber studio maintains a comfortable temperature, ensuring a pleasant yoga experience throughout the year. Watch your garden change as you meditate and embrace the rhythm of the seasons.

Whilst hot yoga is all the rave, sticky summer heat isn’t the most relaxing condition to practice your wellness routine. Our well-ventilated studios feature large windows and doors, creating an open and airy environment that enhances your overall experience. We will craft your personal space with your comfort in mind, so you can enjoy the benefits of a wellness routine without feeling weighed down by the temperature.

Choosing a timber garden yoga studio benefits both you and the environment. With our high-quality, sustainably sourced material is an eco-friendly choice compared to other building materials. Unlike many other shed companies, we will not use OSB/CHIPBOARD or any other composite timber material in any shed. As a result, our garden sheds are robust, weatherproof and built to last with a ten-year anti-rot guarantee.

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