10 Creative Uses for Garden Sheds

16 September 2022 · Sheds

10 Creative Uses for Garden Sheds
10 Creative Uses for Garden Sheds

A garden shed can be a fantastic addition to any home. If you have some space in your garden for one of these magnificent constructions, then you’ve unlocked so many new opportunities. There are countless creative uses for sheds, and we’ve listed ten of the most interesting and useful ideas below:

1. A Workshop

Are you the type of person that pursues DIY as a hobby? Perhaps you are constantly working on little projects and you need some extra space for tools, equipment, etc. If so, transforming your garden shed into a little workshop is a genius idea. There’s enough space for a worktop, you can hang tools on the side and it keeps your work separate from the home. Now, your partner can’t moan at you for leaving wood shavings everywhere or taking up space in the house with your projects!

2. Garden Storage

Finding extra storage space in your home is always a struggle. However, things are significantly harder when you need garden storage. Consider all of the different tools and pieces of equipment you may use in your garden all the time:

●      A shovel

●      A rake

●      A lawnmower

●      A de-weeding device

●      A strimmer

●      Shears

●      Various other tools for looking after plants

Where are you going to keep all of these items? If you have a garage, they’ll likely stay there. But, if you don’t have a garage then you have limited options – you either leave them outside, uncovered, or you have to take up space inside your home. A garden shed provides the ultimate solution; it can become a tool store area where all of your garden equipment is kept. Not only does this provide easy access to all of your tools while gardening, but it also helps you free up space in your garage or home.

3. A Potting Shed

Turning your garden shed into a potting shed is a brilliant idea if you’re an avid gardener. Traditionally, potting sheds combine the benefits of a greenhouse and a garden workshop together. They give you a place to store potted plants and watch them flourish and grow. At the same time, you have ample space to work on other garden projects – such as taking specific plants and pruning them.

If you can find a garden shed with some glass windows, it would be a perfectly traditional potting shed. Indeed, nothing’s stopping you from buying a shed and renovating it slightly to allow more light inside. Nevertheless, modern potting sheds are more about storing plants. They’re a place to keep all of your potted beauties, without really worrying about added space for working.

If you’ve got loads of potted plants that are starting to clutter up your garden, this is a brilliant way to use your shed.

4. A Greenhouse

Alternatively, you could just use your shed as a greenhouse!

Again, this is primarily a storage area for plants, but greenhouses are slightly more specific. Because they are covered in glass, the idea is that they form a protective bubble around your plants. The plants are still getting as much natural light as they would in your garden, but the exterior of your greenhouse provides protection from other elements.

Primarily, you’ll find a greenhouse most useful during the wet and cold months of the year. Here, because the plants are in an enclosed space, they are constantly in a warm environment. With protection from the cold and rain, you can grow out-of-season summer/spring plants pretty much throughout the year. So, your garden maintains a gorgeous bit of colour even when it’s gloomy out.

5. An Office

Nowadays, more and more people are working from home. It comes with lots of benefits, but there is always a massive drawback. If you’re stuck working from home, you may struggle to obtain the level of privacy and quiet needed to be productive. This is a key struggle if you have a family that likes to distract you. Even if you live alone, it can be hard to get into a productive mindset without the right workplace setting around you.

Consequently, converting your garden shed into a home office makes a lot of sense. You now have a private and quiet place to go and work every day. Mentally, it helps your brain shift from relaxation to work mode, aiding your productivity levels. Obviously, you’ll need to ensure there’s a power source in your shed to plug electronics into – and find a way of getting internet access.

6. A Home Gym

With the cost of living crisis becoming a genuine problem for so many, it’s time to look for ways to reduce your monthly expenses. Instantly, you look at your gym membership as something you can get rid of. This could save you a few hundred pounds per year, but you still need to keep fit!

So, turning your shed into a home gym is perfect. Some garden sheds are large enough to be fantastic mini gyms for you to use at home. You might not be able to cram all of the equipment that a proper gym has into it, but there’s ample room for some essentials. It’s possible to fit a bench in there, possibly a squat rack, and a host of weights. Just like that, you have a really easy way to stay fit without paying for an overpriced gym membership.

7. An Art/Music Studio

Do you like being very artistically creative? If so, a garden shed can easily be used as your own personal art studio. This can be where you go for a bit of peace and serenity, letting your creative juices flow as you paint or sculpt or do whatever it is you enjoy doing. You have more space here than you would in your bedroom or kitchen, and you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space.

Likewise, a garden shed can be converted into your own private music studio. Add some soundproofing to the walls, ensure there’s a power source and suddenly you have somewhere to play and record music.

8. A Library/Reading Spot

We should all try to read more books. Reading is good for the soul and fantastic for the brain, empowering you with new knowledge and creativity. The problem is, you don’t have anywhere to keep all of your books. You’d love to read more, but your home lacks the space for a nice big bookcase. Similarly, you can’t find anywhere peaceful to read. Sometimes, you want to retreat to a quiet place, open up a book and immerse yourself in it.

Well, your shed can let you do this! With a bit of work, it can be converted into a small library or reading spot. Line the walls with bookcases or shelves for all of your books, get a comfy chair or small sofa to sit/lie on and you’re good to go. Whenever you want to lose yourself in a good book, head out to your garden and enjoy the comfort of your shed.

9. A Bar

Those of you that love to entertain guests will adore the idea of having your own home bar. Again, like so many other ideas, your home may lack the internal space for a bar. You’d love to have one in the kitchen, but it’s just not possible – not without some serious and expensive renovation work.

Instead, take your idea outside to your garden shed. Here, you have an opportunity to create a small bar to entertain yourself and your guests. Stock it with whatever booze you like – get some kegs so you can have alcohol on tap too! You could even put up a big TV in the shed with a few chairs/bar stools, and you have the ideal place to go and watch football or rugby. Invite your friends over, and you can enjoy yourself without worrying about making too much noise or messing up the kitchen.

10. A Home Cinema

Speaking of big TV screens, why don’t you use your garden shed as a home cinema? You’ll be surprised at how spacious some sheds are when you step inside, and there’s so much potential to transform one into a little cinema area.

You can mount a TV to the wall, or you could get a projector – the choice is yours. Buy some really comfy chairs or bean bags for people to sit on, and the cinema is almost made already. For an extra touch of brilliance, get your hands on a popcorn maker. So, you can enjoy freshly made popcorn for the true cinema experience. It’s a really brilliant idea – and it gives you the perfect home cinema for date nights as well!

There you have it, ten creative uses for garden sheds. From simple storage rooms to home gyms and art studios, there are so many different things you can do with a shed. If you’re looking to provide some extra functionality to your garden – or you want an extra room for your home without paying for renovations – a shed is a perfect investment. Visit Timclad Ltd (York Timber) today to find your ideal shed.

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