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Why you can rely on our Family-Run Business

Family sitting in cosy summerhouse

TimClad has always been a family business. We’re family-owned and – 25 years after we sold our first bespoke timber building – still family-run. Down the decades our “family” has expanded as we’ve taken on office staff, a skilled manufacturing workforce and expert fitters. But we have managed to preserve the tight-knit and supportive atmosphere…

2 August 2022 · General

The Best Summer House For Every Garden – Revealed!

Corner Summerhouse lit with fairy lights

  Outdoor space is at a premium like never before. Over the past few years we have all learnt the value of having a garden, patio or yard to call our own. Making the most of your outdoor area has never been so important. With a summer house you can relax in the balmy evenings,…

19 July 2022 · General, Summer Houses

The Fastest Way to Set Up a Workshop This Summer

The Fastest Way to Set Up a Workshop This Summer

Have you been dreaming of setting up a workshop where you can create and manage all your project ideas? If you are like most people, this dream can keep getting put off over and over again. It’s time to make the decision and start creating that workshop right now. If you start immediately, you’ll be…

8 July 2022 · General

What Benefits Do Summerhouses Offer?

What Benefits Do Summerhouses Offer?

Summerhouses are a good addition to your garden and can provide plenty of benefits. They’re relatively simple to install if you choose a prefab option, but even if you are building your own, the summerhouse can be finished in, well, a summer. What benefits can you expect from a summerhouse? Here are our top reasons…

1 July 2022 · General, Summer Houses

5 Reasons You Need a Garden Shed

5 Reasons You Need a Garden Shed

Everyone needs a garden shed, even if they don’t garden. This is for many reasons, but today we will look at the top reasons you should have a garden shed in your garden. 1. Easy Tool Access Whether you’re looking to grab some pruning shears or a shovel, it’s useful to have everything right where…

16 May 2022 · General, Sheds

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