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Garden Buildings: Is A Summer House Really Worth It?

Investing in a garden building can hold a range of benefits for your home. A summerhouse can be a multifunctional room, so you could use it as an office space, a lounge area, or any other way that suits you! If you’re thinking about getting a summerhouse installed in your garden, keep reading to find…

25 May 2023 · Garden Room, Summer Houses

How To Prepare Your Wooden Garden Buildings for Spring

It’s all too easy for garden buildings, such as sheds or lock ups, to become a bit of a dumping ground, especially after winter. And, while we’re always on the lookout for steps to help spring clean our house and the garden, our sheds often get overlooked. Preparing your wooden garden buildings for spring is…

16 March 2023 · Garden Room

10 Key Differences Between Garden Rooms and Summer Houses

10 Key Differences Between Garden Rooms and Summer Houses

There’s no denying that a well-thought-out and professionally built summer house or garden room can transform your garden space. In recent years many homeowners have been turning to these cost-effective options to increase the space and capacity of their homes. Even just a simple traditional summerhouse can add a fantastic new dimension to your property,…

10 November 2022 · Garden Room, Summer Houses

Do Garden Buildings Require Planning Permission?

Do Garden Buildings Require Planning Permission?

Garden buildings can be a great addition to your garden. Whether you’re planning to lounge in a luxury log cabin, sunbathe in a spacious summer house or grow your own garden in a glass greenhouse, it’s important to first understand the planning policies put in place. When Will I Need Planning Permission? There are a…

7 March 2022 · Garden Room

5 Uses for Your New Garden Room

5 Uses for Your New Garden Room

A garden room gives you a lovely outdoor space to enjoy during the warmer months, but it’s not just for sitting around in. You can put your garden room to good use with a little planning. Here is what some people are doing with their own garden shed. Hobby Room Do you love to work…

3 August 2021 · Garden Room

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