Month: March 2023

Plastic Dog Houses vs Wooden Dog Houses: Which is Better?

A dog house or kennel provides a secure and comfy home for your beloved pet, giving them a designated place to eat, sleep and relax. This gives them somewhere in your home or garden that is exclusively theirs, which can bring them a sense of safety and belonging. Dog houses come in a whole range…

16 March 2023 · Sheds

How To Prepare Your Wooden Garden Buildings for Spring

It’s all too easy for garden buildings, such as sheds or lock ups, to become a bit of a dumping ground, especially after winter. And, while we’re always on the lookout for steps to help spring clean our house and the garden, our sheds often get overlooked. Preparing your wooden garden buildings for spring is…

16 March 2023 · Garden Room

Secret Saunas: Ten Unique Uses For Your Garden Shed

Garden sheds are usually used for storing tools and equipment, or as a workspace for DIY projects. However, some people have found much more unusual and creative ways to use their sheds. Here are ten of the most unique uses for a garden shed. 1.  A Giant Chicken Coop Some people are so passionate about…

16 March 2023 · Sheds

How to Prepare Your Garden for A Shed Installation

If you’ve just ordered your brand new shed, the work isn’t over just yet! It’s a good idea to prepare your garden for a shed installation, even if you’ve paid for a shed installation service, there are some things you will need to prepare that don’t come under your service. These steps also apply to…

16 March 2023 · Sheds

When All Shed And Done: The Benefits Of A Garden Shed

Whether you’re interested in having a bespoke workshop or a new storage spot for garden equipment, a garden shed can be a truly magnificent addition to your property. An outdoor area can be made pretty with plants and trees, but a garden shed installation can truly tie together and complete a natural space. Read on…

16 March 2023 · Sheds

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