Month: August 2022

How to Set Up Your Summerhouse

How to Set Up Your Summerhouse

A summerhouse is a perfect way to spend more time outdoors during this fleeting season we call summer. But if your summerhouse is just sitting there, waiting, it won’t see much use. Ideally, you’ll set up the space to be inviting enough that everyone will use it throughout the warmer months. Paint It First You’ll…

23 August 2022 · Summer Houses

The Benefits of a Separate Workshop

The Benefits of a Separate Workshop

Whatever hobby you enjoy, be it working on motorcycles or woodworking and everything in between, you need space for it. It’s best to have a separate space where you can really design around your needs. Many people make use of their garage or spare room, but what if you could have your very own workshop…

23 August 2022 · General

Top Tips for Maintaining Your Timber Shed

Wooden sheds and outbuildings can really look lovely in your garden, but wood does have the tendency to break down over time if not maintained. How can you keep your timber garden shed looking amazing for years to come? We’re about to share all the tips. Start with Treated Wood The timber used in the…

23 August 2022 · Sheds

A Guide to Summer House Maintenance

A Guide to Summer House Maintenanc

As it’s been a particularly hot year, your summer house is likely getting quite a lot of use these days. That’s precisely what they are for, after all. However, you need to be aware that all wooden buildings need to be maintained and as summer draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to start…

23 August 2022 · Summer Houses

Why you can rely on our Family-Run Business

Family sitting in cosy summerhouse

TimClad has always been a family business. We’re family-owned and – 25 years after we sold our first bespoke timber building – still family-run. Down the decades our “family” has expanded as we’ve taken on office staff, a skilled manufacturing workforce and expert fitters. But we have managed to preserve the tight-knit and supportive atmosphere…

2 August 2022 · General

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