Year: 2023

Protecting your Wooden Garden Shed in Winter

Garden shed in winter

Wooden garden sheds are incredibly useful and practical, providing a great outside storage space in your garden. However, it’s important to remember that wooden sheds are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, especially during winter. This can lead to decay, signs of wear and tear, and even flooding. With this in mind, it is vital…

22 November 2023 · Sheds

Smart Garden Storage Solutions for Wet Weather

It’s that time of year again when Mother Nature decides to surprise us with her watery antics. While we can’t control the rain, we can certainly control how it affects our precious garden tools, furniture, and equipment. That’s where smart garden storage comes into play. As a Yorkshire-based business, we are no strangers to rain;…

22 November 2023 · Sheds

Year-Round Benefits of Workshop Sheds: Your Ultimate Outdoor Space

Timber Workshops

Workshop sheds, often tucked away in the corners of our backyards, timber workshops hold a world of potential that extends far beyond a space to tinker with tools. These unassuming structures are often overlooked, but they offer a multitude of year-round benefits that can enhance our lives, hobbies, and even our homes. To learn more…

22 November 2023 · Timber Workshops

Keeping your Summer House Warm in Winter

As winter continues to creep in, many of us are already reaching for our chunky knits, hats, gloves and scarves as the days get colder and the nights draw in. However, as we prepare to wave goodbye to the summer months, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your summer house as the seasons change.…

24 October 2023 · Summer Houses

Are Outdoor Dog Kennels Humane? Debunking Myths

When it comes to providing a safe and comfortable space for our furry friends, the debate surrounding the humane nature of outdoor dog kennels has sparked considerable discussion. TimClad Ltd (York Timber) is here to debunk common misconceptions and shed light on the truth about outdoor dog kennels. Let’s explore the facts and ensure our…

20 July 2023 · Kennel

Unlocking the Versatility of Garden Sheds

When you think of a garden shed, you might envision a space to store your gardening tools and equipment. However, garden sheds offer far more than just storage. With the versatility and functionality they provide, garden sheds from TimClad Ltd (York Timber) can be transformed into a wide range of spaces to suit your specific…

20 July 2023 · Sheds

Cooling Solutions for Garden Sheds: Beat the Summer Heat

As the temperature rises during the summer months, it becomes crucial to find ways to keep your garden shed, summerhouse, or garden office cool and comfortable. With the expertise of Timclad Ltd (York Timber), you can ensure a pleasant working or relaxing environment in your outdoor space. Let’s explore some effective cooling solutions for your…

20 July 2023 · Sheds

Elevating Your Home With A Garden Build This Summer

As the summer months roll by, you may be thinking that your garden needs a little bit of a makeover! There are so many ways to give your garden the spring cleaning it needs and take it to the next level. You might also want to consider adding a garden building to your home. This…

20 July 2023 · Summer Houses

Designing Your Pet-Friendly Garden With TimClad Ltd

The garden is one space within your home which can certainly be decked out with personal features and fantastic modern additions. Free to arrange furniture, create stunning displays and embrace natural beauty, gardening is an enjoyable hobby for thousands around the country. Often not crafted with your furry friends in mind, a modern garden space…

20 July 2023 · Kennel

Enhance Productivity In Style with a Garden Office Shed

Enhance Productivity In Style with a Garden Office Shed

In today’s evolving work landscape, finding the perfect balance between work and personal life is crucial. That’s where the concept of a garden office shed comes in. Combining the tranquillity of nature with the functionality of a dedicated workspace, a garden office shed from Timclad Ltd (York Timber) offers the ideal solution for individuals seeking…

25 May 2023 · Garden Office, Sheds

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