Breathe Some Life Back Into Your Shed

9 December 2022 · Sheds

It’s unfortunate that the word ‘shed’ for many conjures the image of a cobwebbed, dark, sorry excuse for a garden building. A space for storing a mishmashed jumble of forgotten garden toys, dirty deck chairs, and broken gardening tools. Perhaps this even describes your shed right now!

Well, no longer. Open your mind to the endless possibilities for transforming your shed into something you love. Somewhere that you want to be, and that brings life to your garden. We’ve outlined just a few ideas to get you going. Read on to discover how your shed could be transformed into the pride of your garden.

Paint Your Shed

First things first, a lick of fresh paint is perhaps the easiest, biggest impact you can make on old wooden garden buildings. If it’s looking a bit weathered, worn, and ancient, the difference will be striking. Paint also protects wooden buildings, helping to reduce and slow the weathering of timber.

What colour you choose can greatly affect your garden overall. For a fun vibrant shed that stands out, go bold and bright. For a shed that blends better with your greenery, choose more neutral and earthy colours. Black and dark colours may make your shed seem smaller or further away, enhancing the surrounding greenery by contrast.

Install Hooks And Shelves!

To avoid the heap of clutter described in the introduction and familiar to many, improving your shed’s storage solutions is a must. That and clearing out any old junk you no longer need.

It’s very easy to screw or hammer some hooks into the walls. And installed shelving doesn’t have to have a perfect finish – it’s a shed interior after all, rustic is expected. But one or two quickly knocked-up shelves and plenty of well-spaced hooks can make keeping your shed clear and organised a breeze. You might even want to hang out in there once it’s done! Tidy shed, tidy mind, as they say.

Install A Water Butt

A great way to enhance your shed’s purpose is by attaching a water butt to it. Storing collected rainwater adds an eco, self-sustaining vibe and functionality to your timber garden buildings.

Attaching a simple gutter system under the eves, with piping that leads to the water butt rain tank, means that you’ll have plenty of water for your garden and plants throughout the summer. It saves water and adds a functional, earthy appeal to your shed.

If Your Shed Is A Lost Cause (Or Even If It Isn’t)

Some sheds might have fallen into a state of disrepair that’s impractical to tackle, and instead calls for a whole new shed. Or perhaps you simply want a different type or larger outdoor building altogether. For all sorts of wooden garden products, from playhouses and kennels to sheds and summerhouses, Timclad Ltd (York Timber) provide an expert service throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas. For more information on our expertly designed and crafted timber garden furniture, as well as garden buildings, get in touch today.

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