Can I Get Summer Houses Delivered and Installed Near Me?

10 November 2022 · Summer Houses

Can I Get Summer Houses Delivered and Installed Near Me?

There’s no denying that wooden garden buildings look amazing. Their natural finish and weathered texture make them a great fit for many gardens up and down the nation. What’s more, there’s a myriad of options and sizes available. So, whatever you require, there’s likely an option for you with a wooden summer house. However, what are some key reasons for choosing a wooden garden room?

Extend your living space

Often after a few years, families start to grow and before you know it you’re running out of space. Many people might assume that at this point your only option is to move house and up-size. Sometimes though this can have extremely detrimental effects on the family. The kids might have just settled down in their new school for example or perhaps work has finally started to get easier. Moving house and away from an area can totally disrupt this peace and send the family into a state of unease.

Thousands of homeowners try to combat this every year by building a permanent extension onto their property. Doubtless, this is a steadfast and popular option, however, there are many reasons why a permanent extension is not the right way to go. A wooden garden building avoids all the downsides of a permanent extension all while providing that much-needed extra living space.

Great for guests

There’s nothing worse than inviting some guests over and having to lead them to the cold spare room that’s miles away from the nearest toilet and yet awkwardly close to the living areas of the home. After all, guests need their space, time and peace every now and again. This is why installing a summer house is such a reliable option. Your guests can have the space they need all while having a warm and comfy bed for the night.

Space for hobbies

We’ve all been there, the kids have just picked up the guitar after watching the latest school of rock movie and suddenly they’re going to be the country’s next rock star. Of course, seeing your children happy and passionate is extremely rewarding, but the house still needs to be peaceful for everyone else. With a summer house, your children have the space they need to practice their hobbies all while maintaining a happy and quiet household.

Increase property value

Though this isn’t always your top priority, a handy little side effect of installing a summer house is your home’s value will drastically improve. Adding an extra room will make your property far more versatile and appealing to potential buyers. Though you might not be thinking like this at the moment it will likely prove incredibly useful in the years to come.

Eco friendly

Choosing a wooden summer house is in fact a far more environmentally friendly option in contrast to a concrete or brick option. Both of these building materials are incredibly damaging to the environment and must be avoided as we move toward a more eco-conscious society. With a wooden summer house, you can have your entire building constructed without the use of any of these harmful and destructive materials.

Energy efficient

Despite it seeming slightly counter-intuitive that an outbuilding would be more energy efficient than an extension, it can in fact be achieved. Wooden buildings require a lot less energy to keep warm than many other materials, as wood is a natural insulator. The modest size of many summer houses also means they require less heating in general. This means a wooden garden building can save you hundreds in your yearly energy bills.

Clearly, then, there are many reasons why choosing a summer house would be a great investment, but what other wooden outbuildings should you consider?

Garden sheds

If you need an extra bit of space to store your garden materials, a wooden shed is a fantastic option. Not only are they easy to install and maintain, but they’re also reasonably priced. A wooden garden shed is an extremely secure option, so you can rest easy knowing your equipment is safe and secure. If you choose a well-built wooden garden shed, there’s no reason why if you ever want to do something different with the space you can as the building will last for many years to come.


A workshop has to be a large and versatile space, meaning they can cost a huge amount of money to build and install. Building a large bright workshop from more conventional materials would most likely cost a great deal more than a wooden workshop. What’s more, the ready-made wooden panels mean installation is a quick and stress-free process.

Dog Kennels

Many dog owners choose to have a secure and well-placed outdoor dog kennel to house their pets when they leave home. Keeping your dog outside and in the fresh air when you’re out for a while is a great way of maintaining your pet’s health. Choosing a wooden pre-made kennel is a brilliantly convenient and secure method.

The benefits of tanalised timber

All of our wooden buildings use tanalised timber to ensure a long-lasting and high-quality finished product, but what is tanalised timber and why is it a great option?

Tanalised timber is wood that has been pressure treated with a variety of chemicals, helping to safeguard it from weather-related ageing. The timber is far more resilient to rot, insects, mould and fungus. These features make the treatment perfect for sheds and outdoor buildings as these structures take a constant beating from the joys of British weather. Timber that has been tanalised can also still be painted and treated in the same way as regular wood, meaning you can still decorate your building in whichever way you would like.

Can you get a summer house delivered?

The short answer is yes. Here at Timclad, we’re proud to offer free delivery and installation to almost all of Yorkshire. So, what are the benefits of choosing a summer house company that can deliver your new garden feature?

Made to order

By choosing a delivery service, you can hand-pick and design your summer house, meaning your new garden room would be completely made to order. This can be extremely useful if you’re planning to customise or add additional features to your building. For example, many customers choose to connect their building to the mains electricity to gain access to lights and sometimes even a TV. If you choose a company that can deliver your building for you, they can prep the sheds panels ready for cabling installation. So, you can get down to enjoying your new space as soon as possible.

Delivery service

A garden room usually comprises a series of fairly large wooden panels. These panels, due to their size and shape, are often far too large to fit into a regular vehicle and would need either a large van or trailer to transport them safely from the workshop. With a professional delivery service, you say goodbye to all that potential hassle. Not only that but there’s little risk that you’ll damage the panels in transit as our staff are experienced and precise in their work.

Installation service

Despite wooden garden rooms and sheds being far easier to install than many other traditional style extensions, they are still fairly tricky to get right. After all, you’ll want to be sure that your building is safe and secure. With Timclad, you can have your summer house delivered and installed all free of charge if you live within Yorkshire. So, you can be sure that your building is safe and secure.

A wooden garden room is a fantastic option. Not only are they affordable, but they’re secure, easy to maintain and multifunctional. If you need an extra bit of space for your family or simply want a nice place to switch off in your garden, then a wooden summer house is your best bet. There are plenty of options available. You could have a small summer house, a larger garden room or even a small log cabin to jazz up your garden space. If you’d like to chat with our friendly staff about delivery and installation options, contact us today!

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