Customising Your Timber Shed: What To Consider

25 May 2021 · Sheds

Customising Your Timber Shed: What To Consider

As unspectacular as it may appear initially, a timber shed can be transformed into all manner of usable utilities when given a lick of paint and a dose of creativity. With the right planning and forward-thinking, a seemingly plain design can quickly become a multifunctional playhouse for the kids, a bespoke tool storage area, or even a convenient location to set up your hybrid working space. At York Timber, we’ve made sure to stock a range of sizes, shapes and finishes within our large range, including smaller storage-style sheds, expansive hexagonal areas and large summerhouses for plenty of flexibility in design. Continue reading for a detailed breakdown of your options when contemplating adaptations to a shed.

Reasons To Customise A Garden Shed

If you’re aiming to maintain a particular theme throughout your garden space, the appearance of a plain timber shed may not fit the overall aesthetic, in which case it may be time to get some ideas together. Other reasons to customise the interior of a shed may be to add shelves, desks or other relevant features, depending on who will be using the shed and what for. If you’re a fan of the traditional wooden finish, there are plenty of options to browse within the online catalogue.

Original Shed Design

Consider the original design of your shed before making sweeping changes, as existing features may not be compatible with the intended purpose of your new-look outbuilding. One example of this would perhaps be a shed with a windowed ceiling. Although a shed of this type may be perfect for converting into a bespoke greenhouse due to the sunlight access, it may not be particularly viable as a home office, with rays likely to obscure the view of a PC or laptop.

Additional Features

As a ready-made utility room outside of your home, the possibilities for shed customisation are endless, with freedom to add components which are relevant to your needs. As most of our timber sheds will arrive with a traditional light wooden finish, painting the exterior will be relatively easy. Wood surfaces are also ideal for adding shelves, steps and other components, as timber is easy to drill through, attaching screws and hooks.

Looking for quality sheds which offer value as well as plenty of storage space? At York Timber we maintain a commitment to producing handcrafted timber products which can be used in an array of practical situations and contexts. Creating all of our sheds, summerhouses and childrens playhouses in-house, we get the final say on quality of product and finish. Diverse styles and delivery or installation options seal the deal, giving you plenty of reasons to opt for us. Interested in any of our products? Contact us at your convenience.

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