Five Ways To Transform Your Garden Shed

10 November 2022 · Sheds

Five Ways To Transform Your Garden Shed
Five Ways To Transform Your Garden Shed

Thinking of investing in a garden shed or timber garden building? In this helpful guide, we provide a list of five different ways you can transform your garden shed, highlighting the different applications and benefits.

Garden Office

A brilliant way to transform your garden shed; installing a garden office at home provides you with your very own office environment from the comfort of your living space. Gone are the days of the early morning commute, the busy rush hour traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city centre, with a garden office, you can re-balance your lifestyle, helping to protect your mental and physical wellbeing, all whilst adding significant value to your existing property.


If you’ve found yourself avoiding the gym of late, for whatever reason, (hey, it’s not for everyone), yet you still want to maintain a solid exercise routine, a garden shed is a great way of bringing the gym to your own back door. No more excuses, transforming your garden shed into your very own at-home gym will no doubt motivate you to work-out!

Traditional Summerhouse

A luxury for any garden, why not transform your current garden shed into a beautiful, bespoke traditional summerhouse? Stylish and practical, a traditional summerhouse is an ideal place to unwind all year round, yet perfect for those long summer evenings as you perfectly blend the thrill of time spent outside, with the ideal protection of a comforting, safe and weatherproof garden shed.

Children’s Playhouse

Ideal for your little ones to play and thrive, you can easily transform your current garden shed into a fun, exciting children’s playhouse to spend time with friends, siblings or simply by themselves! Timber garden buildings are highly versatile, and can be painted in a variety of bright colours, so no matter your child’s design choices, you’ll be able to create the perfect children’s playhouse to be enjoyed all-year round.

Art/Photography Studio

If you’re looking to unleash the artist inside yourself, you can always transform your garden shed into your very own professional art studio. No matter your creative spark, from painting to photography, you can turn your garden shed into a professional studio that matches your ambition.

Thinking of investing in a garden shed? At Timclad Ltd (York Timber), we design and craft the very best timber garden furniture, offering an incredible range of garden sheds and outdoor buildings. So, whether you’re looking to set up a brand new garden office for your new hybrid working schedule, or you simply require an exterior space to unwind in, trust us to satisfy your exact requirements. Contact us today.

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