Garden Office Essentials For Hybrid Working

26 June 2022 · Garden Office

Garden Office Essentials For Hybrid Working

Garden offices are a practical and creative way to make the most of excess room in the age of hybrid working, with spacious exteriors ideal for installing or converting an existing building into a ready-made office away from the office. Despite many employees being asked to work away from the primary company building on alternating days, this becomes an issue when there isn’t a dedicated space to do so at home. For that ideal setup, there are likely to be a number of required items, utilities or gadgets to consider, and with York Timber supplying and installing top-quality bespoke wooden outbuildings to use as a base, you can benefit from expert craftsmanship direct to your garden space.

Continue reading for just a few of the absolute essentials when designing custom workspaces or converted sheds.

Functional Tech Set-Up

One of the most crucial components of remote working remains the home tech set-up available to you, and although your tech requirements will likely vary depending on your role and career, the bare minimum will usually involve a laptop device and stable internet connection. More ambitious settings may involve dual monitors, speakers, additional gadgets and role-specific items, which can be set up within your garden office in a way which is convenient for you.

Suitable Garden Buildings

A suitable garden building will mean something completely different for individuals depending on personal needs, with some employees requiring a spacious garden room which allows plenty of customisation, and others simply favouring a smaller space to unwind away from the family, such as the cheaper Georgian Corner House or Chalet Summerhouse. Regardless of the option you choose, all timber spaces from us are well-insulated, durable and are available with a warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind when you choose York Timber for your work hub.

Comfy Chair And Desk

A comfortable desk and office chair can certainly be classified as essentials, with a chair which retains and improves your posture advisable. You may also consider a collapsable or space-saving desk, to maximise the potential of your workspace. Again this largely all depends on your career and role, with a roomier desk required for those with a large monitor set-up or other components which take up space. Remember to place your desk somewhere suitable so it doesn’t become an obstruction, and so the background during a video call appears professional.

As a real family business which is local to Yorkshire, we understand the importance of each individual in our 20-person manufacturing team, as well as our 4 helpful office staff members. Whatever the size, style and finish of your desired garden buildings, we can help out with specific recommendations, suggestions catered to your situation, and much more. Collaborate with us today, and have our fitting team transform your garden space into a hub of productivity. Children’s playhouses, large hobby sheds and customisable lifestyle spaces are all just a click away – simply contact us today!

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