How To Get The Most Out Of Your Summerhouse, Even In Winter

9 December 2022 · Summer Houses

A summerhouse is a much better investment if you use it year-round, even in the colder, rainier months. In the UK there are enough of them! As an external refuge, a summerhouse could prove more useful during the winter. Somewhere to escape to so you don’t get cabin fever in your home when the weather puts you off venturing elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at some great ways you can get the most out of a garden summerhouse, even through the winter.

Make It Warm

First things first, in order to make your summerhouse homely and habitable during the cold season, it needs to be warm. A small electric heater is a good choice. As they tend to be smaller spaces, summerhouses shouldn’t take long to heat up. In fact, heating your summerhouse with an electric heater could be more cost-effective and less energy-consuming than running the heating in your home.

You will want to make sure your summerhouse retains any heat as well as possible, too. Regularly check your summerhouse for gaps or damage, and repair or fill these to ensure it is weathertight. Annually treating a timber summerhouse will extend its weathertight longevity.

You can also take extra measures to insulate your summerhouse as well as possible. Simple things like rugs and lined curtains can help. Or you could go all out (not to mention eco) with an insulating green roof.

Make It Comfortable

For your summerhouse space to be appealing during the colder and darker seasons, it’s also important to make it cosy and comfortable. Invest in some cosy chairs or even a small sofa suitable for the space. Put in some ambient lighting, perhaps using some fairy lights to hang inside or out. Put up some shelves and laden them with plants, ornaments, books, and so on.

It’s only going to be a home not so far away from home if comfortable and presentable like one.

Your Home Holiday Winter Solution

You don’t have to fork out for a toasty winter holiday in a Swiss chalet if you have one to use at any time in your garden! Nor do you have to wait many months before you can get out for your camping-like experiences.

It’s a great way to get the kids out of the house for once, too. Even if it’s too cold and damp to have them pitch up in the garden or anywhere else, you can send them packing to the summerhouse. You could even set up a projector for late-night cinema screenings.

Your Home Gym

It can be hard to motivate yourself out to the gym or for a cross-country run when the weather is leaving something to be desired. If you have a summerhouse, however, what could be easier than heading across the garden for your workout?

Making your summerhouse your own personal gym means you won’t have to find space around the house for your gym equipment. Plus, you’ll still get that all-important feeling of getting up and going, rather than finding motivation from within the same space as your television, fridge, bed, etc.

If you’re on the lookout for a garden summerhouse and are based in Yorkshire or surrounding areas, get in touch with Timclad Ltd (York Timber) today.

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