Maximise your outdoor space this autumn

19 September 2022 · General

If you are lucky enough to have outdoor space at home, you’ve probably spent most of the summer out in it. But after the flurry of BBQs has ended, when the paddling pool has been deflated, and all the summer blooms are over, your garden can take on a whole new life in the autumn. Here’s how to keep enjoying your garden even as the nights draw in.

Keep up the gardening

A gardener’s work is never done. And autumn is prime time to prepare your garden for winter and for the next spring. You should continue harvesting root vegetables and get some spring bulbs in the ground too. Once the leaves fall, you’ll have plenty of raking to do as well. Autumn is actually the best time of year to update your garden shed. Demand is lower than in the spring and summer which means more availability and lower prices for you.

Decoration, decoration, decoration

Sunshine and good moods can hide a multitude of sins. But once the days start getting shorter and weather becomes less reliable, keeping your garden looking good is solely down to you. Stringing festoon-style fairy lights from the veranda of your summer house, creates an inviting and cosy atmosphere. Pots and containers in warm earthy colours dotted across the lawn can lift spirits on cloudy evenings.

Turn your Childrens Play House into a blanket fort

Deck out your play house with blankets, pillows and torches so that your children can still get the most enjoyment and fun out of them, even in the evenings. Get the most out of every hour of daylight! A good childrens play house isn’t just a place for summer fun. With a bit of imagination and warm clothing, they can be fortresses in the autumn too.

Don’t forget the dog

If you’ve got a dog kennel make sure that it’s got plenty of bedding or a closed-in dog box and that your dog has got a little coat of their own to keep them happy and warm. Our dog kennels combine a shelter with a run, giving your dog space to move about as well as an area to hunker down under the blankets. Sturdy tanalised timber provides protection from autumn showers and chilly breezes.


How to Make a Dog Kennel More Appealing
How to Make a Dog Kennel More Appealing

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