Our Top Perks Of Building The Perfect Garden Office

25 May 2023 · Garden Office

With the hybrid working life becoming more common, and a majority of people now spending half of their working week at home, the importance of a good home office has increased drastically. If you are someone who thrives in an outdoor, naturally lit space, then home garden rooms can create the perfect office space! Keep reading to find our benefits of having the perfect garden office.

Natural Light

Natural light is a key element to include in your home office, and by being situated outside, you are exposed to natural light from sunrise to sunset! Natural light can help with productivity, and get you a good amount of vitamin D. Being out in the green space of your garden can also help you feel calmer and in a neutral headspace when it comes to working.

Utilising Garden Space

If your garden is a huge space, that needs a great focal point, or something to tie it all together, a home garden office could be just the solution.

Not only will it be a great addition to your garde, but it will help to free up space from your main house. By having a whole other building that is separate from the main body of your home, you have a completely new space, and don’t need to worry about finding space in existing places in your house.


The natural light and green surroundings of your garden will help increase your productivity. With a room that is completely separated from your home, you are free from distractions and immersed in nature, which is great for helping you concentrate and getting you into a healthy mindset to work.

Work Life Balance

With hybrid working, maintaining a work-life balance can be more difficult, especially because your work life has transitioned into your home.

A home garden office can really help to create separation between work and home. By having a space outside of your main house, and completely detached, will create more of a distinction between your relaxing home life and the need to be productive in your office.

Property Value

A garden room installation can be a great installation if you are looking to increase the value of your property. They can last up to a decade and more with the right care and maintenance.

Timclad Ltd (York Timber)

Here at Timclad Ltd, we provide a range of home garden rooms that are perfect for creating a brilliant home office.

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