Timber Dog Kennels And Other Garden Additions For Pets

3 September 2021 · Kennel

Timber Dog Kennels And Other Garden Additions For Pets

The garden is likely to be one of your pet’s favourite locations within the home, with plenty of space for them to stretch their legs, release bundles of energy and play with their favourite toy in a relaxing environment. If you’re an animal lover with additional space in the garden, there are plenty of creative additions to consider, with options ranging from kennels, digging pits, and activity areas with their favourite games. For those warmer months, chilly periods and everything in-between, York Timber maintains a comprehensive online catalogue of adaptable and durable timber buildings. Family gatherings, communal relaxation and workshop activities can all be completed within our versatile wooden sheds and spaces.

Continue reading for plenty of inspiration when you decide to redevelop a garden space with additions for a cherished pet.

Play Zones

Play zones are exactly what the title would suggest, a specific area within the garden space which includes all of your pet’s favourite toys, treats and accessories. Perfect for dogs, but just as ideal for your feline companion, a play zone may feature everything from tug toys, miniature garden buildings, yarns of wool, tiny assault courses and even an elevated lookout area for inquisitive animals. A pet can be introduced to this zone as a reward for good behaviour, with access to this zone becoming an incentive for them to behave.

Digging Or Sand Pit

It is a well-known fact that dogs love to dig, and by assigning your canine a specific area in which they’re allowed to dig down and burrow as much as they like, this should discourage any similar behaviours in other areas of your garden. A viable alternative for cats may be an exterior litter pit, similar to a conventional cat litter tray but much larger. Relax in the luxury of your new timber summerhouse and watch your pets have the time of their lives with a specific digging area

Timber Dog Kennels

To avoid the prospect of your dog overheating in the sun, acquiring a shaded space such as a timber dog kennel will provide an individual area in which your canine can unwind. While some choose to use a kennel as a form of punishment when a dog has misbehaved, the lovingly designed Dog Kennel & Run from York Timber is spacious and secure with a gorgeous finish. Complete with a mesh viewing window to monitor your dog, there are plenty of reasons to add a wooden kennel to the garden.

Choosing York Timber means that you’re choosing quality, and with a diverse range of sheds, summerhouses, pet-friendly timber creations and bespoke workspaces, you can rest assured that we have a garden building to satisfy your unique needs. With delivery and installation available throughout Yorkshire and surrounding areas, signature craftsmanship is present within every component of every product. Whether you favour hip lap or log lap buildings, we can create made-to-order timber areas for your requirements, just contact us with any enquiries.

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