Tips to Create the Perfect Playhouse

14 June 2022 · Playhouse

Tips to Create the Perfect Playhouse

Every child loves to have a little space of their own, where they can be themselves and let their imagination run wild. Why not give them that space with a little playhouse in the garden that can serve as their special house?

To make the playhouse even better, there are a few things you can add to it.

Electrical Lighting

This is quite simple to wire in with your regular electric, or you could purchase a small solar kit just to light up the playhouse. It doesn’t require much, but makes it much easier to play comfortably inside. Children will love the ability to turn their own lights on and off and you can also run an extension cord for older children so they can plug in their tablet or a small radio.

Fun Seating Options

A little sofa or armchair is always a welcome addition to a tiny playhouse, but what about something a little more intriguing? Swing chairs and little hammocks can be even more fun than a regular sofa. You can also find a number of novelty seating options for children that will really make the playhouse special.

Snack Cupboards

A few items to nibble on will make the space even more inviting. While you may not want your child noshing on too many crisps, there’s nothing wrong with a few little snacks from time to time. It will make the playhouse seem more like home and they’ll learn to clean up after themselves, because they could end up sharing the playhouse with pests like mice and ants if they don’t sweep up after.

Child-size Supplies

A small broom and mop, tiny watering can, and similar items will help your child really make the playhouse their own. Add in a little table and chairs where they can enjoy a picnic lunch and you have the perfect hiding space for a child to sit and contemplate life.

Things to Do

While the space may be wonderful on its own, you will probably want to add a few toys and activities for children to do. Board games, drawing supplies, and craft items, as well as books, can all be wonderful additions to the space. This also gives children plenty of time to enjoy their time while they’re in the playhouse.

If you’re looking for a quality, pre-built playhouse, York Timber has several to choose from. All you need to do is plan where to put them.

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