Top 3 Festive Ideas For Garden Rooms

21 October 2022 · General

Top 3 Festive Ideas For Garden Rooms
Top 3 Festive Ideas For Garden Rooms

As much as we all hate to admit it, summer has once again come and gone. The shorter days and colder nights of winter mean we’ll be spending a little more time at home and a little less time outside.

All too often, outbuildings and garden playhouses are left unused through winter, with a drop in temperature and darker evenings preventing the usual summer activities. However, this needn’t be the case.

With a little creativity, your timber garden buildings can find a new lease of life through the Christmas period, bringing hours of festive joy to family and friends alike. From grottos to cocktail bars, here are 3 creative ideas for your sheds, summerhouses and garden rooms this festive season.

Read on to discover our suggestions.

Santa’s Grotto

First up on our list of festive suggestions, turn your summerhouse or garden building into Santa’s grotto. Though this may sound like a lot of hard work, with a little creative flair, it can easily be achieved.

Using decorations such as tinsel, ribbon, fake snow and presents, a summer room can be transformed into a festive space for friends and younger children to enjoy. Why not add a miniature Christmas tree and encourage the little ones to decorate it?

If there happens to be a Santa costume lying around, a grotto-themed garden building can make the perfect addition to a Christmas party.

Christmas Drinks Bar

Of course, the festive season isn’t just for children, and with a few simple changes, a garden building can become quite the winter hideaway. Our next suggestion is turning a summerhouse into a Christmas drinks bar.

Why not decorate your garden building and stock it with some of your favourite festive drinks? Whether you’re a fan of hot chocolate, eggnog or brandy, creating a Christmas drinks selection in a cosy garden environment can bring a splash of excitement to otherwise gloomy evenings.

Inviting friends over to enjoy a drink or two in the garden is a lovely way to spend an evening.

Elf Workshop

Last on our list is another suggestion for the whole family. Turning your garden room or summerhouse into a little elf workshop can provide a space for secret present wrapping, Christmas arts and crafts and other festive activities. Why not create a wrapping station with bows, tape and paper?

Turning your timber building into an elf workshop will not only keep children entertained for hours on end, but it’ll also give you a little peace and quiet.

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