Top Tips for Maintaining Your Timber Shed

23 August 2022 · Sheds

Wooden sheds and outbuildings can really look lovely in your garden, but wood does have the tendency to break down over time if not maintained. How can you keep your timber garden shed looking amazing for years to come? We’re about to share all the tips.

Start with Treated Wood

The timber used in the shed you purchase should be treated already. Preferably, it will be tanalised. This means it has been pressure treated with a special coating and will resist fungi and insects, even termites.

Tanalised treatments also help prevent rot, even if the wood is set into the ground. It should give you at least a decade of protection.

Add Water-Repellent

A water-repellent treatment can and should be applied regularly. You’ll want to apply two coats to the wood immediately after installing the shed and then again annually. Whether or not your wood is pre-treated, this will help protect it against damp and wood rot. It also gives some protection against the elements when it comes to wearing down the wood over time.

Consider Painting

Painted wood is protected wood and it is also a good way to keep things decorative. You can choose any type of outdoor paint you like, but it will need to be refreshed every year or two. If the paint is not kept up with, it can begin to chip and look rather old and unpleasant. You should plan to paint every two years, if not more often.

Replacing Damaged Parts

You’ll likely have your wooden shed for a long time, so it’s likely pieces will become damaged over time for one reason or another. As this happens, it’s best to replace these parts so you can be sure the building is secure and there are no openings for animals, insects, or damp to get in.

Lubricate Hinges

It’s possible for wooden doors to begin sagging over time and they may get harder to open when they’ve absorbed too much moisture. Be sure to oil your hinges every autumn to prevent them from seizing up or making it even more difficult to get into the building.

Clear Around the Shed

You should regularly cut back any overgrown plants around the shed, as well. These may hold moisture against the building and prevent drying. The shed needs air flow in order to allow it to dry out a little between rainfalls. Be sure to trim trees and shrubs that may be nearby.

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