Why Choose A Dog Kennel & Run?

10 November 2022 · Kennel

Why Choose A Dog Kennel & Run?

Thinking of investing in a dog kennel & run? An outdoor kennel that provides a comfortable, spacious place to relax, roam and enjoy the fresh air, a dog kennel & run can prove to be a highly versatile addition to your back garden.

With many reasons to consider installing a timber dog house into your garden, from improved safety and wellbeing, to assisting in toilet training, in this helpful guide, we provide a list of essential benefits to installing a dog kennel and & run at home.


Arguably the most important reason of all; installing an expertly crafted and well-structured dog kennel & run in your back garden won’t just serve as an ideal place for your pet to spend time relaxing, it will help to ensure they are kept safe at all times.

Protecting them against the risk of contamination from poisonous plants, potential harm or interference from other animals, widliflife or even dognappers, at TimClad (York Timber) Ltd, our dog kennel and runs are constructed from strong, sturdy timber, ensuring they remain protected against external threats whilst also preventing dogs from burrowing or digging their way out.


Much like humans, dogs also love a bit of solitary downtime in order to rest, recuperate and recharge, and with a dog kennel & run, they’ll have the ideal place to do just that. Over time, your dog will begin to associate their run with security, comfort and positivity, just as long as you continue to promote it as a safe, enjoyable place for your pet rather than using it as a place of punishment.

Equally, a dog kennel and run can be the perfect place to train a new puppy, assisting in toilet training and helping to avoid the chewing of your furniture! This is particularly useful if you have multiple dogs and wish to separate your new puppy until they are settled, familiar and toilet trained.

Weather Proof

With specially tanalised timber that protects against the threat of rot, insect attack and decay, at TimClad Ltd (York Timber), all of our garden buildings and dog houses are entirely weather proof, protecting your dog kennel & run against the elements to provide durability for the long term.

Thinking of investing in a dog kennel & run? At Timclad Ltd (York Timber), we design and craft the very best timber garden buildings and furniture, offering an incredible range of garden sheds and outdoor buildings. We provide several different outbuilding options and timber buildings so you can select the one that best suits your garden and your needs. Contact us today.

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