The Best Summer House For Every Garden – Revealed!

19 July 2022 · General, Summer Houses

Corner Summerhouse lit with fairy lights


Outdoor space is at a premium like never before. Over the past few years we have all learnt the value of having a garden, patio or yard to call our own. Making the most of your outdoor area has never been so important. With a summer house you can relax in the balmy evenings, enjoy a drink with friends or let the kids’ imaginations run wild. But with so much choice it can be difficult to know what kind of summer house is right for your space. In this article we reveal the best summer house for every garden.

Small is beautiful

It’s easy to feel limited by a little garden, but these days there are so many clever space-saving designs to choose from. One way of maximising space without compromising on design is to opt for a corner summer house. Rather than taking a generic summer house and backing it into a corner, corner styles are designed with this placement in mind. Most  have full-length windows to let light flood in and come in both traditional and modern styles.

Modern and chic lifestyle

If you live in a house with a contemporary design, it can be difficult to find a summer house to match. Though there are lots of timeless traditional summer houses out there, you should go for a design with clean lines and avoid too much embellishment. Instead of an apex, look for pent roof styles, like our chic Charlotte Pent Summerhouse, and choose simple, sleek windows.

Plenty of space to play with

If you’re lucky enough to have a large outdoor area and you’re stuck for ideas of how to take it to the next level of luxury, then you should consider combining your summer house with a hot tub area. The two-in-one layout is perfect for entertaining on summer nights or staying warm (and fabulous!) on those colder days. Choose a design which encloses the hot tub area on at least two sides for a versatile building for all-year-round enjoyment.

Keep it traditional

Everyone recognises a traditional summer house. With its classic veranda, its pleasing symmetry, its charming apex roof, the traditional summer house is straight off a country postcard. If your garden lends itself naturally to divisions of space, if you have a good-sized lawn or a house with period features then you are in luck. With so many options in this category, make sure that you take advice from the experts.


Family enjoying a barbecue outside corner summerhouse

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